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Download Facezam Apk v2.6.0 Latest For Android

Download Facezam Apk Latest Version for Android

Facezam is a comprehensive facial recognition system capable of finding identical or similar persons. Based on advanced AI algorithms, Cydral Technology’s experts in machine learning created a smart and innovative search engine to enhance the user experience for people identifying.

Facezam Apk Download for Android

Facezam is probably the world’s largest facial system available to the general public for free at the present time. With the support of all our users, we will continue to produce high value-added products and services.

Looking for an online demo? Try it from our website here:


Given a detected face extracted from a picture taken by a camera or loaded from a library and a set of public candidate faces to search with, Facezam finds a small set of faces that look most similar to the target face.

Additionally, and for each uploaded image, Facezam returns attributes such as the estimated age and the gender.

Facezam analysed a large set of images from the main social sites (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, …), also coming from general media web sites. As a new opportunity for identifying individuals, we also added to Facezam’s database image profiles provided by Interpol from its public website.

Unlike other face recognition technologies, Facezam allows quick searches in big data sets. Our system can work with any photographic database, current results though it use public images found on the Internet and indexed by our specific crawlers.

Accurate and scalable facial recognition system:
Facezam allows you to provide photos of similar people and related public information, mainly where the image appears on the Internet.
It is not a standard reverse image search engine, but a comprehensive system integrating a top quality face recognition technology based on several deep learning algorithms developed by Cydral.
Collecting and analysing hundreds of millions of Web images, our service finds out a person within few seconds, retrieving results from our database of about 200 millions faces.

Typical Use Cases:
✓ Large-scale search by photo: you see a celebrity on the street that you can’t quite recognize… Facezam her/him!
✓ “Who is this actor?”: try out the name suggestion for well-known celebrities during a movie
✓ Person identification: identify a person on photo in few seconds with an impressive precision
✓ Real-time ID: perform real-time identification using the camera directly from your phone
✓ Gender and age-guessing tool: besides finding your look-alike, our system will do its best to guess the age and gender of the people in the shot
✓ Easy to use and funny: simply select the image you want to use in your phone gallery or take a photo to instantly start your search
✓ Advanced search engine: our flexible search engine behind the mobile application provides effective feature filtering to restrict results

Tips to improve your search experience:
✓ Some things can trip up the search process, such as bad image quality, sometimes objects that obscure the face or a face that’s mostly in profile
✓ To improve the search accuracy, it is sometimes valuable to directly upload photos rather than using the mobile phone camera
✓ On some devices, an image capture using the camera intent gets rotated. In this case, the accuracy drastically decreases

We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please email us at: info [at] fastface [dot] eu.
Web site:
Available online demo (free):


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